Groovy Android Zenfone 2

ASUS Z00A and Z008 devices

Resurrecton Remix Thanks to all the devs and teams


All the releases are rootless and can be dirty flashed. If you are using Magisk, you will have to flash it again after upgrading.

If you get an error message while flashing the ROM due to Magisk, please, flash Magisk uninstaller and then the ROM again.


File md5sum Size d7b09f013323248ac128c827457166f5 482.3 MB 917d2e60989020c7c3432ec838b51bfb 484.5 MB b7f628776a11adf9f07bab64b811496f 484.5 MB


File md5sum Size ffe57933e4395e1de0b0f49ff1931cbc 473.2 MB ffa4830d93720e2b8798f90b8f0121d4 474.9 MB 837a10afa80d1dffb9d420a95e38dd56 474.9 MB


File md5sum Size 6332ae0007e5a74f0c4a97ded89a2ccf 461.8 MB 4e54aace230700c0c9047db14814dae0 463.5 MB c91ff37cc3db7298a7705cff2f28a6fb 463.5 MB

LG h830

File md5sum Size 1cfd1643b8966975bb8b7ea9b77b1668 534.1 MB b867f5dfd93eafafe975aa7e14f8a3dd 536.2 MB bfc55e38e2b5041de92b2314fe6a9105 536.2 MB


File md5sum Size f1b59453eb8eaf37c5f0b7740683c4c8 4.5 MB 84a728b4544e424a9f7569e3c7d64a7f 2.4 MB
MagiskManager-v5.7.0.apk 7b70bb1d4d7a939087e75079afdeba8b 2.0 MB 340f5046a7a713bfbb3853ace2bca958 38.7 kB

VerifiedBootSigner has to be flashed right after Magisk. Otherwise devices will remain stuck in a bootloop.

ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat. ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10. ROM Firmware required: Stock Asus 5 (L), open bootloader (of course) and TWRP 3.2.1+. Based on: LineageOS 14.1 and Resurrection Remix N

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