Groovy Android Zenfone 2

ASUS Z00A and Z008 devices

Resurrecton Remix Thanks to all the devs and teams


All the releases are rootless and can be dirty flashed. If you are using Magisk, you will have to flash it again after upgrading.

If you get an error message while flashing the ROM due to Magisk, please, flash Magisk uninstaller and then the ROM again.


File md5sum Size 90d99632c2f35a7bcac9d38b8b960fd8 483.0 MB 59d3e47c7637c71a9c0d7d5665de4a9a 483.0 MB 6ed6bc85eeaf82142674f64e98481ce5 482.4 MB


File md5sum Size 1c86f5f208b6ee2514eed1efd7a628d9 473.8 MB 2f9d067591cc09e884d00a84fcc2560b 473.8 MB 91c1a8d980e162f4b4333e008aaa2ca1 473.3 MB


File md5sum Size 917448fc314fa28d005c82c433b0bda6 462.4 MB 165dc63e713366f648ee40701266af50 462.4 MB 7383052b5d92e7db488c45ac7b61a828 461.8 MB

LG h830

File md5sum Size 531d17b5648e6cfaf230ad89e4c4d9e9 534.9 MB 0857bcfd9b96094d5e702af715c944e3 534.9 MB 1fcb5eec29c101db483c0cb3239c0d3c 534.1 MB


File md5sum Size 0f1b25d88be4fd2ac5fb53e0584bcdc2 4.3 MB 1f699e6ccdaf3a4e03405fa4c3080bef 2.4 MB
MagiskManager-v5.9.1.apk cc0f8d59d64ee05e609588488761feac 2.0 MB 340f5046a7a713bfbb3853ace2bca958 38.7 kB

VerifiedBootSigner has to be flashed right after Magisk. Otherwise devices will remain stuck in a bootloop.

ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat. ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10. ROM Firmware required: Stock Asus 5 (L), open bootloader (of course) and TWRP 3.2.1+. Based on: LineageOS 14.1 and Resurrection Remix N

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