Groovy Android Zenfone 2

ASUS Z00A and Z008 devices

Resurrecton Remix Thanks to all the devs and teams


All the releases are rootless and can be dirty flashed. If you are using Magisk, you will have to flash it again after upgrading.

If you get an error message while flashing the ROM due to Magisk, please, flash Magisk uninstaller and then the ROM again.


File md5sum Size 85b1d95c3d68bacee3330c979b0163f4 484.5 MB 6312e9a8fc20ee46ea703060ae57c03c 484.4 MB 8b1087dbfeb98af551dd81745a572be4 484.5 MB 6fe4dfcd39f51aee7e46e4140c22d788 488.0 MB 83a5f778a125eb704df3b246461c629f 488.0 MB 5726c34c0572504cb19991ddc933e70a 488.0 MB


File md5sum Size e429ed373a6af288fd433c7152f339c0 474.9 MB 705b1aee8d9cbe76db9702f295deae48 474.9 MB a59fe5371309da74296d645e0a1e2fab 474.8 MB 1112d0ad987bb5be69a4ac5bb9087871 478.4 MB dffe243fbb4fdbfc8a444c80aa58ad8c 478.4 MB ffc17ba59b27426e7a6eec953f751753 478.4 MB


File md5sum Size 269bd077acb4ab25e5812763ac7ac815 463.5 MB b036318b485e81d0184da63639b060f4 463.5 MB 4b2d23b3da0e6ed1b3a1a88e2d7f7f5a 463.5 MB 4b2d23b3da0e6ed1b3a1a88e2d7f7f5a 467.1 MB 57f1d22e16119b3ede13d4784633cd72 467.1 MB 34631178b318a45969e7f54c2021d274 467.1 MB


File md5sum Size 6f5b9a4d140e041accf6fecea57bd88a 5.6 MB 84a728b4544e424a9f7569e3c7d64a7f 2.7 MB
MagiskManager-v5.6.4.apk 9eb945d1d7f49a4508b3d4ea92f51ce5 2.0 MB 340f5046a7a713bfbb3853ace2bca958 38.7 kB

VerifiedBootSigner has to be flashed right after Magisk. Otherwise devices will remain stuck in a bootloop.

ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat. ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10. ROM Firmware required: Stock Asus 5 (L), open bootloader (of course) and TWRP 3.2.1+. Based on: LineageOS 14.1 and Resurrection Remix N

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